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Hello Mobile | One Month in Review

Hello Mobile | One Month in Review . in this video i talk about the pros and cons of **HELLO MOBILE** after having the service for 1 month.
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I'm SooOooo ImpreSsssSs : ty for the info...guess its slow and better stick with my boost mobile
Dia’s Frugal Life : Can you make an update on hello mobile? Thanks ?
David Bobb : I just switched over. Still waiting for my port process to be complete with Sprint 2-3 business days. I can tell already that Customer Service for Hello Mobile is extremely sub par. That's ok though as long as everything else falls into place.
ibanez Yamato : I got the 5 dollars plan, Hello Mobile is very ambitious but needs work. First week I was so excited because internet was super fast but I had connectivity issues. Looked like I had internet coonnection but I did not. Next month they gave me 5gb for free and it didnt work either.
Calls and texts are awesome but need internet. I will try the 25 dollars plan lets see what will happen.
synystershreds : Georgia accent detected




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